Esther da Costa Meyer

  • Peter Eisenman, Denkmal für die emordeten Juden Europas (Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe), 1998–2005, Berlin. Photo: Roland Halbe.

    Peter Eisenman

    WAGING WAR ON FORGETTING is the task of all memorials, which are places where different kinds of memory and concepts of representation collide. In contemporary Berlin, the politics of memory are particularly vexed. Since the end of the cold war Berlin has tried, with varying degrees of success, to knit its divided halves together and reconnect with its past—or parts of it. Out of the rubble of war and discarded ideologies, the German capital has reestablished the old city center around the stately Unter den Linden, displacing the hubs of East and West Berlin from Alexanderplatz and Kurfürstendamm,