Evan Lincoln

  • Takako Yamaguchi, Parade, 2022, oil and metal leaf on canvas, 60 × 40".
    picks May 19, 2023

    Takako Yamaguchi

    Takako Yamaguchi’s new oil paintings feature self-contained seaside dreamscapes, patterned with polychromatic natural elements. Attenuated clouds whirl about with attitude, knotting, braiding, and coiling themselves through whimsical feats of elasticity. Water is rendered as an unpredictably capricious entity, either as a smooth and restful gradient block or a field of undulating waves ordered into a syncopated arrangement. These surrealistic snapshots feel like Agnes Pelton’s mystical landscapes, infused with the graphic language of designer Tadanori Yokoo’s psychedelia.

    Yamaguchi produces

  • Arthur Marie, Portrait of a Young Man #4, 2023, oil on canvas, 13 3/4 x 9 1/2". From the series “Portrait of a Young Man,” 2021–.
    picks April 28, 2023

    Arthur Marie

    Arthur Marie’s first US solo exhibition, “Serenity,” presents a selection of paintings depicting shadowy, macabre figures haunted by the underbelly of digital culture. The show is centered on Marie’s ongoing “Portrait of a Young Man” series, 2021–, which features an expressionless adolescent male locked in profile. His pale visage and brunette hair are only slightly varied throughout the seven pieces here. Every so often, his sideswept ’do extends into face-concealing bangs that occasionally retreat to reveal his empty countenance. Yet his eyes consistently fail to emerge from his distended