Faye R. Gleisser

  • Kambui Olujimi, Killing Time, 2017, handcuffs, costume jewelry, 60 x 15".
    picks September 22, 2017

    “unstable objects”

    Inside the small but elegant space of the curatorial collective the Alice, this sharply curated group exhibition packs a powerful punch, launching a timely meditation on the material forms that structure immaterial notions of race, blackness, memory, and abstraction in American culture.

    Installed between the highly reflective and extremely flat surfaces of Steffani Jemison’s and Zachary Fabri’s minimalist objects, Amina Ross’s salvaging and reinvention of decor from Chicago public schools slated for closing, and Martinez E-B’s installation of four teddy bears—evoking sidewalk memorials, set atop