Flavin Judd


    Nothing exists but atoms and empty space;

    everything else is opinion.


    ANCIENT MONSTERS are conglomerations of body parts from different animals grafted together to produce consistent and recognizable images—signs that represent ideas and concepts without referents. The head of a lion is attached to the body of a goat, which is attached to the legs of a chicken with the tail of a lizard. Faced with an unknown, we make something identifiable with pieces of what we find already comfortable and familiar, thereby making the unknown recognizable. Or so we think. In fact, the

  • Donald Judd’s library prior to restoration, third floor, 101 Spring Street, New York, 2010. Photo: Mauricio Alejo. © Judd Foundation.

    the Judd Foundation’s 101 Spring Street


    THE RESTORATION PROJECT was like a puzzle: How could we update 101 Spring Street for safe public occupancy while keeping it the way Don had wanted? Since I grew up in the building, I could refer to conversations I had with my father about different parts of the building, or at least about similar circumstances. When we didn’t have a historical precedent for solving a particular problem, we simply had to do the best we could. Fortunately, Rob Beyer, who was the other Judd Foundation board member leading the project, helped pick a great team, which included Guy Nordenson on the foundation’s