Frank Expósito

  • Josh Kline, Share the Health (Assorted Probiotic Hand Gels), 2012, three dispensers containing live cultures in nutrient gel, each 6 1/4 x 4 1/2 x 4”.
    picks December 05, 2012

    “Deep Space (insides)”

    Upon loading Harm van den Dorpel’s website,, visitors are greeted by a notice that it might record them, appropriating the user’s embedded webcam like a ventriloquist would the watchful eye of his dummy. Launched in 2009, the site gathers its consenting viewers’ serial faces in a grid on its back-end site,, which is displayed on a laptop at the entrance to this group show. Seemingly unaware of the actual moment when their likenesses were taken, the people are pictured staring at the camera’s on-screen feed (out of frame here, of course), which morphs in a

  • View of “Birds & Brains & Flowers,” 2012.
    interviews October 22, 2012

    Ross Bleckner

    New York–based artist Ross Bleckner is known for painting a spectrum of subjects—from pulsating lines in his resurrection of Op art in the 1980s to the magnified cellular structures of autoimmune diseases in the 1990s. In his new exhibition, “Birds & Brains & Flowers,” which is on view until December 15 at Jablonka Galerie in Cologne, natural memes dissipate in auratic light from deep within their figurative skins. Bleckner speaks here about homosexuality as a conceptual model for the correlative conditions of exterior familiarity and interior determinacy.