Franz Prichard

  • Takuma Nakahira at home in Yokohama, c. 2004. Photo: Takashi Homma.
    passages December 21, 2015

    Takuma Nakahira (1938–2015)

    DESPITE A PERVASIVE LACK of familiarity with his work, Takuma Nakahira has long been regarded as an icon of Japanese photography. His legendary role in defining an are-bure-boke (grainy, blurry, and out of focus) photography as cofounder of Provoke, the influential Japanese photography magazine synonymous with this style, seemingly outweighed the critical significance of Nakahira’s writings and post-Provoke photography. Fortunately, the contours of his work have been made gradually more clear after a decade of important exhibitions and publications in Japan, paving the way for a deeper appreciation