Franz Thalmair

  • Daniel Egg, Der Buchstabe >e< (The letter >e<), 2010, C-print, 19 x 27”. From the series “Information Stream,” 2010.
    picks March 28, 2013

    Daniel Egg

    Since at least the 1960s, the visual dimension of language and the linguistic dimension of the image have evolved into phenomena on equal footing, exerting a broad influence on art production to this day. Daniel Egg takes this as a point of departure for his latest exhibition, “Words – On Air,” and analyzes the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet. His photographic series “Information Stream,” 2010, consists of supposedly scientific photographs of cigarette smoke, changing from yellow-white to gray. To produce the work, the artist stood in a darkened space and exhaled smoke against a light

  • View of  “Cinematic Scope,” 2013.
    picks February 09, 2013

    “Cinematic Scope”

    Mixing black and white yields a spectrum of colors that fall under the shade of gray, of course, and this group exhibition likewise pursues a blend between the black box of the movie theater and the white cube of the gallery, a long-standing couple that is here reconsidered. The exhibition comprises works by six emerging artists who reflect on the potential of manipulating cinematographic content, form, and material through a variety of approaches that draw upon the legacy of the Expanded Cinema movement via a digital, twenty-first-century perspective.

    The interplay between projector, screen,