Gene McHugh

  • “The Generational: Younger than Jesus”

    ONE OF THE STANDOUT PIECES in “Younger than Jesus”—the New Museum’s inaugural triennial for artists under the fateful age of thirty-three—is Luke Fowler’s What You See Is Where You’re At, 2001, a video documenting schizophrenia treatments developed in the 1960s by psychiatrist R. D. Laing. The video begins with an overview of Laing’s experimental protocols, which are premised on the notion that schizophrenia is not an illness and therefore needs no cure, but the narrative quickly begins to derail. Shots of disoriented patients and their equally disoriented doctors are interspersed with

  • Guy Debord’s Game of War and the Radical Software Group

    IN APRIL OF THIS YEAR, an original silver-plated edition of the Game of War, a military-strategy board game released in 1977 by the founder of the Situationist International, Guy Debord, was displayed at the “Form as Strategy” exhibition in New York at Columbia University’s Temple Hoyne Buell Center for American Architecture. Installed alongside it was an online multiplayer game called Kriegspiel, designed this year by the Radical Software Group—a loosely defined New York–based collective of artists and computer programmers perhaps best known for its research into applications of tactical media