Genevieve Allison

  • Graham Anderson, Untitled, 2009, oil on panel, 15 x 12 1/2".
    picks February 18, 2010

    Graham Anderson

    With four small paintings and two drawings, Graham Anderson’s solo exhibition at this gallery is one of the more intimate and understated shows on view now in Berlin. The title of the show is “New Paintings and Drawings,” despite the fact that these works have emerged over a period of three years, and in 2008, one was exhibited at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery in Brooklyn, where the artist lives. Anderson’s pace is slow, however, and his rarefied output presents a considered and delicate process of making choices and execution.

    Similar to the ways in which such painters as Gerhard Richter, Luc

  • Isa Genzken, Wind (B), 2009, wood, plaster, ceramics, fabric, plastic, color photographs, foil, CDs, tape, spray paint, metal clips, dimensions variable.
    picks December 21, 2009

    Isa Genzken

    “You take a photograph of a situation and then you think about what’s missing,” Isa Genzken once said of photography as a starting point for sculpture. Given Michael Jackson’s recurrence as a motif throughout “Wind,” her concurrent exhibitions at Galerie Daniel Buchholz and Neugerriemschneider, it’s tempting to imagine that any absence here is a morbid or spiritual one, belonging perhaps to the myths and fictions surrounding Jackson, or more generally to vacuous cultural industries of glittery facades and denaturalized objects. Genzken’s fragile and extravagantly motley works, however, are