Genevieve Quick

  • View of “If AI Were Cephalopod,” 2019.
    picks May 24, 2019

    0rphan Drift

    0rphan Drift’s visceral and dreamy four-channel video installation If AI Were Cephalopod, 2019, is an ode to the octopus, whose intelligence still baffles scientists. In the video, serene underwater footage of octopi, CGI renderings of octopus skin, and scans of caves are layered with heavily processed video effects and painterly masks. The work unfolds through a series of simple propositions that begin with the titular phrase, “If AI were cephalopod.” In these written statements, which merge scientific facts with lyrical extrapolations, the video speculates on what would happen if artificial

  • Tanya Habjouqa, The Last Image of Abu Abdullah, 2012, ink-jet print, 8 x 12".
    picks February 11, 2019

    “In Transit”

    Among the poignant works in the group exhibition “In Transit,” Tanya Habjouqa’s project “Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots,” 2012–17, chronicles the changing lives of Syrian widows and children living in a Jordanian housing development. The series' title references the Levant colloquialism “in the season of apricots,” akin to “in your dreams.” In one photograph, a woman’s hands tenderly hold a cell phone displaying the last image taken of her husband before his death. The widow grieved her passionate marriage, but she now negotiates life with a Jordanian husband, whom she was pressured to marry.