Gérard-Georges Lemaire

  • Eduardo Arroyo

    This important retrospective of the work of Eduardo Arroyo was more than simply an artistic event ; it also had political significance, giving us an overview of the current cultural orientation in France and making “official” a genre of painting that manifests social and historical commitment while taking a figurative course.

    The Nouvelle Figuration (New Image)—also called Figuration Critique (Critical Image) or Figuration Narrative (Narrative Image)—first appeared during the ’60s. Among its artists, Arroyo is an exemplary figure. Born in Madrid in 1937, he moved to Paris in 1958 and

  • Christian Jaccard

    One of these two exhibits of the work of Christian Jaccard (that in Marseilles) is a retrospective, while the Paris show presents recent work; together they allow an understanding of an artistic method formed around a logic that is highly unusual. Jaccard’s work has developed through a striving for the unrepresentable, the “sublime”; an investigation into the specific properties of abstraction is integral to his thought. This inquiry, which pushes the artist to relentlessly examine the essential elements of his work, is not a cold-blooded dissection of the different forces that combine to

  • Joel Fisher

    Joel Fisher’s recent works on paper sum up nine months of graphic meditation. From the first to the last pieces in these series, Fisher strove to make this work sensitive and eloquent: if it does not exhaust all the possibilities proposed by the connection between stroke and surface, it defines the outcome of their relationship.

    Fisher begins by making the paper: he sets a particular value on this activity because it allows him to obtain distinct surfaces with irregularities, faults, and luminosity. In this way, each sheet that comes out of his studio challenges him with a unique and irreplaceable