Giuliana Vidarte

  • Sandra Gamarra, Nº 3 Producto: mestizo, 2021, oil on canvas, 31 1⁄2 × 39 3⁄8". From the twenty-part suite Producción/Reproducción, 2021.

    Sandra Gamarra

    The Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) is among the few spaces that offer the city’s diverse audiences an overview of Peruvian art history. In recent months, MALI has modified its permanent exhibition by strategically placing pieces from its contemporary collection among pre-​Hispanic, colonial-era, post-Independence, and modernist artworks. This vast itinerary through the museum’s holdings culminates in the contemporary art gallery, where Sandra Gamarra’s exhibition “Producción/Reproducción” is currently on view.

    Curated by art historian and critic Luis Eduardo Wuffarden, the show brings together a