Gökcan Demirkazik

  • picks March 08, 2017

    Jake and Dinos Chapman

    World Peace Through World Domination II, III, IV, 2013—a trio of black fabric banners printed with ominously identical white “smiley” faces—greets visitors to Jake and Dinos Chapman’s debut solo show in Istanbul, as if to announce the ludic abjectness of their oeuvre is a country of its own. The ground floor is studded with vitrines featuring their showstopping, meticulously choreographed, ghastly slaughter scenes with tiny figurines (such as The Sum of All Evil, 2012–13), and the first floor offers a sustained emphasis on the duo’s appropriation and deskilling strategies. A new neon commission,

  • picks September 12, 2016

    İnci Eviner

    “The besieging gaze that angels cast on the city has been interrupted,” wrote artist İnci Eviner about Istanbul and her photographic series “Nowhere-Body-Here,” 2000, during a transitional period in her career when she steeped herself in cross-media experimentation and began merging the personal politics of her oeuvre with urban—even civic—concerns. “Who’s Inside You,” a long-awaited retrospective of Eviner’s work, with its imposing yet intimate architecture, could be a haunting maquette of this city without its guardian angels: It speaks to the way its denizens have been changing skins, so to