Guitemie Maldonado

  • Pascal Convert

    THE EXHIBITION BEGAN OUTSIDE, on the street: Drawings were painted on the gallery windows—long, multicolor, swirling, interlaced strokes. They were on the walls, too, one saw, once past the door. These traces belong to the series “Native Drawings,” which Pascal Convert began in 1997, based on his children's drawings (in the case of the works here, his daughter's). Sequenced and digitized, the scrawlings are projected as representations of three-dimensional objects. For each stroke, the artist selects a particular point of view and reconstructs the whole on the scale of the surface to be

  • Frédéric Lefever

    IN HIS RECENT WORKS, Frederic Lefever, a photographer born in Belgium in 1965, presents a journey through a nostalgia-tinted universe. The cohesion among these color photographs, printed matte, whose various formats are so precisely calibrated with respect to their compositions, resides in an objective gaze free of indulgence, as well as in the love of form and structure that animates each of these images.

    Lefever's work encompasses both a geographical trajectory through the towns of French, Belgian, and Italian provinces and a quasi-ethnographic investigation into a world and way of life that