Hal Fischer

  • Randy And Baranicci

    In contrast to The Remake, Randy And Baranicci’s enactment of As the World Burns is a tedious and cliché-ridden performance which offers little humor and even less insight (satiric or intellectual). Described as a drama in real time, these two Toronto-based artists have traveled throughout North America collaborating and extending their performance with the help of other artists.

    The stage is set to resemble an apartment with the addition of three video monitors and a live cameraman who focuses on specific details during the performance. The action begins with the cameraman burning a globe, and

  • Harold Paris

    Since his arrival in Berkeley in 1960, Harold Paris has explored a wide variety of materials, pioneering in the use of direct bronze casting processes and also playing a seminal role in the “pot palace” ceramic studio centered on Peter Voulkos. His art has been an intriguing amalgamation of technical tour de force, spiritualism and social concern.

    Paris has worked as printmaker, sculptor, performance artist and filmmaker, often mixing forms and ideas to create works of a highly theatrical nature. While Paris has influenced Bay Area art as an educator, his own art has often been contradictory to

  • Gianfranco Gorgoni

    A native of Italy who moved to New York in 1968, Gianfranco Gorgoni is a highly romantic photographer whose stylistic inclinations work well with the monumentality and implied drama of many temporal installations. Photographs of Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, Christo’s Running Fence and Heizer’s The City/Complex One are printed in a large (30 x 40") format which thoroughly conveys both the mysticism and impact of these undertakings. Gorgoni’s theatrical leanings are ideal for Earthwork depiction. The image of a sunrise behind City/Complex One or the photograph of Spiral Jetty at the time of day when