Hana Ostan Ožbolt

  • Vadim Fishkin, Choose Your Day, 2005, armchair, buttons, reflectors, data projector, video player, audio, ventilator, hair dryer. Dimensions variable. Installation view. Photo: Simon Veres.
    picks January 24, 2023

    Vadim Fishkin

    “The Island of the Day Before” is the first survey in Austria of Vadim Fishkin, the artist who, for the 1996 installation Lighthouse, live-transmitted his vital signs to a beacon positioned on top of the Vienna Secession building, resulting in the famous cupola pulsating to the rhythm of his heart. A similar playfulness—and play with light—characterizes his current presentation, beginning with the sound installation Dictionary of Imaginary Places, 2020. Initially realized as an intervention in public space as part of steirischer herbst, the work features two streetlamps (in the version here from

  • Bani Abidi, The Song, 2022, single-channel film, color, sound, 22 min.
    picks November 07, 2022

    Bani Abidi

    Sound, perhaps more than image, is the archive of our intimate memories, the source of our rootedness. The Song, 2022, a short film by the Pakistan-born, Berlin-based artist Bani Abidi, attests to this. Premiering in Salzburg, the film provides glimpses into the solitary everyday life of an elderly man, seemingly of Middle Eastern origin, who finds himself between the four walls of social housing in Germany. The hum of the city—or rather the absence of it—differs from the one that he appears to know best. Speechlessly searching for that (sound) which is familiar, the protagonist tinkers with