hannah baer

  • Thompson, NY, 6:32 AM, September 18, 2021. Photo: hannah baer.


    IN THE SUMMER of the 2020 uprising, a friend who first brought me to some of the famous German clubs asked me what to expect at an illegal march through a large city. She was maybe nervous, and I was trying to be reassuring. I thought there were certain parts she would already understand from raving, and I began to picture a Venn diagram. Bring water. Wear black, a hoodie, sunglasses and other kinds of face coverings. Remember that it’s durational and prepare to push through exhaustion. You will see people from every part of your life. You will make new friends with people just because you saw

  • hannah baer

    PART OF THIS MEME, like a lot of memes I make, comes from conversations I was having in my head that were echoing conversations I was having or seeing happen in the world. One thing I kept thinking and talking about is the way this crisis—especially its epidemiological component—promotes a tension between individualist and collectivist concerns. On the one hand, many of us have shrunk our cones of experience to very narrow, hyperindivudated sets of priorities: Am I practicing CDC guidelines correctly? What will I eat today? When will I run out of money? On the other, many of us are more tuned