Harrlette Von Breton

  • Sol Cenowski

    A new device for drawing, a computer, is being used by two young Santa Barbara scientists who call themselves Sol Cenowski. (It was inevitable that sooner or later this would happen.) These two young men work in a nuclear research development firm in the Goleta Valley, and became intrigued with the possibility of using one to program drawings, using their mathematical equations with an eye to esthetic results.

    The programming of the largest computer in the area demands a great deal of education and experience. It is also an expensive experiment because renting a computer is a costly business.

  • Thomas Bang

    Bang has recently returned from a year spent in Europe on a Fullbright Grant. His new paintings and drawings display more authoritative techniques and more inventive themes. In his investigations of color and patterns Bang sometimes comes close to “Op” art, but his main concern is with color relationships and color vibrations so the Op art works only as a side-effect. His paintings are composed of rhythms of brilliant color patterns and transitions that are abruptly broken with a window or an isolated black form. Many of these themes have musical reference and connotations such as Study for