Henry Flynt

  • Catherine Christer Hennix’s poster design for the 1976 Brouwer’s Lattice music festival at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, at which The Electric Harpsichord was performed and recorded.

    Catherine Christer Hennix’s The Electric Harpsichord

    WALKING DOWN THE STREET RECENTLY, I saw an adult hand a thin book to a child she was pushing in a stroller. The adult looked away, and the child immediately began to gnaw a corner of the book. It is the metaphor I want for the public reception of composer and artist Catherine Christer Hennix’s The Electric Harpsichord.

    It’s likely that I first heard The Electric Harpsichord in the summer of 1976. My first reaction was that it did not sound like it came from planet Earth. (I was not the only person who had this impression. One of my acquaintances at the time called some of Hennix’s writings “