Ian Wooldridge

  • View of Jacqueline Fraser: “The Making of Maria by Callas,” 2020.
    picks February 06, 2021

    Jacqueline Fraser

    A mock chandelier made from thick gold tinsel piping dangles amid the sheen of black walls clad in strands of the same material in Jacqueline Fraser’s The Making of Maria by Callas 2020, 2020, lending the site-specific installation an air of cheap yet elevated camp. The metallic cluster casts a shadow onto a projection of Tom Volf’s biopic Maria by Callas (2017), about the renowned opera singer, who at the height of her fame was hailed as “La Divina”: the Divine one. Fraser’s previous “the Making of” installations—among them The Making of 8 Mile, 2012, The Making of La Dolce Vita, 2011, and The