James Lewis

  • Michael Mooney

    There are ten landscape paintings in this exhibition, each a small oil on panel in a large white frame. These rural scenes are rendered in deep greens and yellows, with paint so thick that it is raised in wide grooves by the brushstrokes. A number of different locales are represented: the almost miniature Tahiti (all works, 1989) shows what looks like a pineapple tree in an expanse of yellow and green grass. Warrensburg and Joe Indian pond road both look to be from upstate New York (the artist has spent a good deal of time in Albany) and have the tone of Americana. Fields near the flats, perhaps

  • Yishai Jusidman

    Yishai Jusidman presents a series of wooden globes and elipses, each about 20 inches in diameter, perched on brass poles at various heights near eye level. Each is overlaid with a wax-and-pigment encaustic and shows a landscape or, in a few cases, something like a schematic starscape. One seems to be unfinished, so that the patchwork of wood beneath is exposed; on another the colors are so pale, the landscape so flat, and the horizon so low that the effect is nearly abstract. A third has what appears to be gold leaf on top, which lends to the scene below a bright, almost revelatory glow. In