James Nisbet

  • Jennifer Bolande, Tower of Movie Marquees, 
2010, mixed media, 
15 1/2 x 9 x 5’.
    picks October 24, 2010

    Jennifer Bolande

    For nearly three decades, critics have talked about Jennifer Bolande’s deft blending of photography and sculpture; the slippages enacted by her repetitions of objects and motifs; and, almost always, a certain je ne sais quoi of unnamed potentiality to her assemblages. Since her emergence in the 1980s, Bolande’s techniques of employing found photographs and fashioning object/image amalgams have become increasingly familiar across contemporary art practices, while the inner logic of her own work has remained appreciably elusive. Finally, a welcome and comprehensive look at the artist’s practice

  • View of “Everything is Everything,” 2010.
    picks October 07, 2010

    Rebeca Bollinger

    Flat, formless masses printed with acrylic; unexpected partnerships of ceramics; pigment prints, wooden blocks, and Plexiglas: Such assorted objects make up Rebeca Bollinger’s second solo exhibition at Walter Maciel Gallery. Having worked almost exclusively with photography and video for the last two decades, Bollinger displays here the results of a recent turn in her practice spurred by a stint at the Dennis Gallagher and Sam Perry Ceramic Residency Program in Oakland, California. Her new work reveals a probing investigation of how to turn back to haptic experience after having pictured the