Jennifer Ollie

  • “Terminal Building Project”

    A Space, the first of the artist-run centers here, has recently been moving art into areas not usually associated with it. A previous show, “Apartment Number,” was set in a sublet suite in St. Jamestown, a classic exercise in high-rise living/social engineering; through installations, video, and film, it set out to explore the impact of this environment on the individual. Having dealt with the ways buildings have with people, A Space then had its way with a building—when curator Chrisanne Stathacos gave an about-to-be-demolished structure an Irish wake of a sendoff. Murhall Developments donated

  • “Konstruktivizm” and “Kinematografiya”

    ALEXEI GAN (1893–1939/40), a pioneer polemicist and practitioner in the Russian cultural vanguard of the 1920s who entered every artistic arena, was involved with architecture as a member of OSA (the Union of Contemporary Architecture founded in 1925 by proponents of the exclusively functional and constructive in building), art director of its journal, SA (Sovremennaya arkhitektura) and organizer of the First Exhibition of Modern Architecture, Moscow, 1927. The inherent properties of architecture—its immediate and inescapable impact on man and his milieu, its latent capacity for social and