Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe

  • Edwin Ruda

    Edwin Ruda is, in my opinion, an essentially reactionary artist, especially when compared to a painter like Hill. The sense in which he’s reactionary is I think the sense in which his work continues to contain an—nowadays almost completely buried—allegiance to Constructivism; an allegiance most explicit in the paintings he made while a member of the Park Place group. This is a theme I hope to develop on some other occasion, in greater detail than the space available here will allow. I bring it up only to qualify what I have to say about his most recent paintings, which are I think the best he

  • Anthony Caro

    Contained within the viewer’s space while at the same time distanced from it by pictorial conventions of a sort long since abandoned by painting itself, Caro’s new work nonetheless asks to be seen in the context of the anti illusionist, American sculpture which now holds the initiative. This work makes explicit reference to Richard Serra, and, perhaps less directly, to Robert Smithson. Sadly, for the table work indicates misunderstanding of serious sculpture in America at the present time, a sculpture to which the best of Caro’ s own previous work had made a substantial contribution. Caro now