Jock Reynolds

  • Lewis Baltz in front of a collage in his exhibition in Hanover, Germany, 2012. Photo: Jochen Luebke dpa Corbis.
    passages January 28, 2015

    Lewis Baltz (1945–2014)

    I GREW UP during the 1950s in the then rapidly expanding university town of Davis, California, living with my family in a brand-new tract-housing development at the very edge of a vast expanse of barley, alfalfa, sugar beet, corn, and tomato fields. My youthful roaming on foot and by bicycle regularly brought me and my friends into other nearby neighborhoods as they were being newly constructed, along with visits to some of the canneries and industrial buildings then sprouting up throughout Yolo County. We didn’t know it then, but we were living within a microcosm of the American West that was