Jon Raymond

  • picks May 20, 2003

    Dan McCarthy/“The Melvins”

    Dan McCarthy’s new paintings, currently on view at Anton Kern, depict rainbows, fish, and women on skate- and surfboards, often glimpsed through an allover patterning motif that resembles a flurry of flower petals. It’s the imagery of sailors’ tattoos or carnival signage or, maybe, of McCarthy’s Hawaiian childhood. In Springs, 2003, a woman crouches on an outspread net while two fish suckle at her nipples and a beam of weak yellow light illuminates her from above. An air of spacious enchantment holds sway, edged with a hint of worry; you get the sense that McCarthy’s tropical afternoon has grown

  • picks April 29, 2003

    Mark Lombardi

    In pencil and ballpoint pen, political Conceptualist Mark Lombardi (1951–2000) created elaborate, casually rendered cluster diagrams that trace flows of geopolitical influence and association. Peregrine International Associates of Dallas, c. 1979–90, 2000, constellates George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Toyota, Libya, and a bevy of other nefarious individuals and institutions in eddies of connecting arrows that swirl around one another like the weather. EATSCO (Egyptian American Transport & Service Co.), Falls Church, Va. c. 1979–82, 2000, finds links between General Richard Secord, Global Int’l Air,