Jonah Groeneboer

  • Leonardo Drew, Number 297, 2021, wood and paint, 97 1/4 x 94 x 38 1/2".
    picks September 30, 2021

    Leonardo Drew

    In Leonardo Drew’s exhibition here, exquisite sensitivity to form and materiality is expressed through meticulously constructed installations and sculptures that exalt abstraction’s political potential. A pair of wall-mounted pieces, Number 291 and Number 297 (all works 2021), are made from dense constellations of painted black wood assembled into lattice-like configurations: the former is composed of four clusters, while the latter features nine. These sculptures complicate the grid by using it as a substrate from which more organic shapes emerge and flourish. Number 307’s departure from its

  • Leslie Hewitt, Untitled (Dreambook or Axis of the Ellipse), 2019, digital chromogenic print in wood frame, 52  x 62  x 7".
    picks October 01, 2019

    Leslie Hewitt

    Leslie Hewitt builds deftly upon her conceptual photographic practice in “Reading Room,” an exhibition featuring both a solo presentation in the main gallery and the artist’s reimagining of Perrotin’s in-house bookshop. Hewitt was inspired by the National Memorial African Bookstore in Harlem, which was founded by Lewis Michaux, a celebrated civil rights activist whose business—which opened in 1932 and lasted until 1974—doubled as a home for community gatherings, political discussions, and art. Her show includes pieces such as Riffs on Real Time (2 of 10), 2012–17, a photo that depicts Michaux