Jonathan Thomas

  • picks June 17, 2012

    Katelyn Farstad and David Frohlich

    Katelyn Farstad and David Frohlich are among the youngest artists to have been selected for the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (a curatorial department of the museum dedicated to exhibiting artists living and working in Minnesota). The strange, cartographical terms in the title of Farstad and Frohlich’s show, “Isohyet; Isopleth”—which evoke the drawing of lines and the mapping of discrete but equivalent rainfalls respectively—may well be conjugated with a third, for what the exhibition proposes with its design is a structure of relative isolation,

  • picks December 06, 2011

    “Absentee Landlord”

    If we consider the title “Absentee Landlord,” we might get the suspicion that this exhibition foregrounds its curator, John Waters. And in many ways it does. Invited by the Walker to rearrange its permanent collection, Waters works from the premise that “the entire museum-going experience is in need of intervention.”

    The conceit of the show is that Waters is the landlord, the galleries are rental apartments, and the eighty or so artworks are the tenants. As a whole it stands as a witty iteration of institutional critique; the curatorial structuring is reflexive, and the architectural interventions