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  • Dorian Ulises López Macías, Hasta Que Te Conoci (Until I Met You), 2022, video, color, sound, 1 hour, 2 minutes, 5 seconds.
    picks April 01, 2022

    Dorian Ulises López Macías

    Inside a building complex, we hear the loud thumping of bass, which reverberates down the hall from LaPau Gallery. It’s techno music, an engrossing mix by DJ Regal86 that serves as the sonic pulse for Hasta Que Te Conocí (Until I Met You), 2022, a new video installation by Dorian Ulises López Macías. This immersive, roughly hour-long piece contains hundreds of photos and video clips from Macías’s Mexicano, 2010–, an ongoing visual archive that highlights the artist’s encounters with Indigenous and mestizo people living in Mexico today. This collection of images are inherently political, aiming