Josie Thaddeus-Johns

  • Jacqueline Donachie, Pose Work for Sisters, 2016, video, color, silent, 10 minutes 1 second.
    picks January 24, 2018

    Jacqueline Donachie

    Our existence in the world is entirely dependent on other people. These sometimes tenuous yet multifarious relationships are at the heart of Glasgow-based artist Jacqueline Donachie’s mid-career show here. Downstairs, the artist has updated a work from 1995: Advice Bar (Expanded for the Times), 2017, where drinks are offered to punters in exchange for their dilemmas. Manned by a youthful staff, the piece creates moments of engagement and unity in a divided world.

    Upstairs, the video Pose Work For Sisters, 2016, an homage to Bruce McLean’s Pose Work For Plinths, 1971 (a hallmark of performance

  • Andrea Crespo, Anxiety Curve, 2017, cut vinyl, 7 1/2' x 11'.
    picks September 22, 2017

    Andrea Crespo

    It’s out of the Mitte office block and into a Kreuzberg backyard for this gallery, which is inaugurating its new space with works by Andrea Crespo. The artist’s second solo exhibition in Berlin is a character study of Alan, a fictional young autistic male whose interests include World War II, airplanes, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Small, simple graphite drawings wrap the first room in his images of militarized middle America, complete with bullet-riddled road signs and burning planes.

    [intensifies], 2016, the hour-long animated video that gives the show its name, takes an intimate dive into Alan’s