Judy Chicago

  • slant November 07, 2016

    Pop Quiz: Judy Chicago on the election

    To coincide with the November issue of Artforum on art and politics, including special projects by Wolfgang Tillmans, Dread Scott, and Eileen Myles, artforum.com invited a small group to select an indelible image or video related to the election.

    Judy Chicago is an artist, author, and educator.

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  • passages July 17, 2015

    Miriam Schapiro (1923–2015)

    I MET MIRIAM at a party in San Diego in the early 1970s. At that point, I had already started the first feminist art program at Cal State Fresno (then Fresno State College). It was an exciting time as new possibilities for women had emerged as a result of the burgeoning women’s movement, and change was in the air. My yearlong curriculum for women at Fresno had grown out of my belief that studio art education had to be completely revamped to meet women’s needs, a belief that I still hold.

    To that end, I developed a content-based approach to teaching, which afforded my students permission to work