Julian Junyuan Feng

  • UCCA Edge Ball. Photo: UCCA.
    diary November 25, 2020

    Gloves Off

    BACK IN JULY, after the pandemic in China eased due to draconian border control and contact tracing measures, the Chinese Super League was able to resume matches. People had been joking about how torturous it would be for the rest of the world to have only Chinese soccer games to watch—a running gag here on the mediocrity of the sport in this country. Earlier this month, Shanghai Art Week’s two main offerings, ART021 and West Bund Art & Design, seemed to be the only art fairs opening offline in the world. Unlike football games, they were not televised to the rest of the world.

    From November 9 to

  • Ralf Baecker, Rechnender Raum (Calculating Space) (detail), 2007, mixed media, 118 1⁄8 × 118 1⁄8 × 98 3⁄8". From the CAFAM Techne Triennial.

    CAFAM Techne Triennial

    Curated by Zhang Ga, Peter Weibel, and Siegfried Zielinski with Judith Bihr and Daria Mille.

    Featuring more than 130 artists and collectives throughout the museum’s enormous space, the inaugural CAFAM Techne Triennial is only the latest of curator and academic Zhang Ga’s ambitious efforts to weave China into the history of media art. This exhibition’s first half will bring together modernist icons such as John Cage and Marcel Duchamp with idiosyncratic contemporaries like Hito Steyerl, Alex Da Corte, and Jayson Musson. It will also include an impressive lineup of Chinese artists, from the pioneering