Karen Cooper

  • Karen Cooper


    1* The Edge of Heaven (Fatih Akin) The brilliant German-Turkish director considers the surprising, even dangerous ways strangers may be drawn into intimate relationships and family members rendered unfathomable to one another. Starring Fassbinder muse Hanna Schygulla.

    2 The Human Condition (Masaki Kobayashi) A black-and-white ’scope trilogy of epic proportions, originally released in Japan between 1959 and 1961, was given second life in the United States this past summer. A heartbreaking indictment of Japanese military brutality by a director who served six years in the Imperial Army.

  • BEST OF THE ’90s: FILM

    CINDY SHERMAN, artist:
    Thomas Vinterberg’s brilliant The Celebration (1998) is especially important because it signals the future of the medium, away from Hollywood’s excesses.

    JOHN WATERS, filmmaker: During the 1994 Cannes Film Festival I was sick in bed with the flu on the night Pulp Fiction premiered. Suddenly, from blocks away I heard the most stupendous roar of approval from the opening-night audience. I was so pissed to have missed the night Quentin Tarantino became an instant cinematic icon. But once I saw the movie I knew he deserved it. I guess you could call me a Quentin-hag.