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  • View of “Slavs and Tatars, Giorgi Khaniashvili,” 2022.
    picks November 22, 2022

    Slavs and Tatars, Giorgi Khaniashvili

    Giorgi Khaniashvili’s greatest fear may be turning into a stray dog. In the eight-panel ceramic relief Transformation, 2017, the artist depicts his metamorphosis from man, to jackal-headed humanoid, to masterless canine whose feral instincts compel him to abandon domestic life. For Khaniashvili, the threat isn’t in being a dog per se. It’s a figuration of the paranoia around what happens when one’s existence ceases to hold meaning for others.

    Organized at Atinati by peripatetic project space Kunsthalle Tbilisi, this exhibition sets Khaniashvili’s figurative ruminations against Slavs and Tatars’