Krisztián Gábor Török

  • Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán, The Visible Manifestations of Invisible Forces, 2020, single-channel video, drum rack stand, metal joint, aluminium pipe, wood, sand, resin, pigment, the mycelium of various fungi, macronutrients (N, P, K, Ca), hay, plastic, glass, laboratory clamp, microelectronics and custom software), dimensions variable. Photo: Dávid Biró.
    picks November 24, 2021

    Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán

    Anca Benera and Arnold Estefán’s embarked on their collaborative artistic research practice in 2011. Over the past five years, their focus has expanded to explore how human interventions can shape geopolitical narratives, as evidenced through case studies of military operations and the politics of global extraction. Taking its title from a term coined by the architectural historian David Gissen to refer to neglected elements of the natural world, the exhibition “Subnature” brings together different perspectives and technologies used in the artists’ research, with a focus on “invisible” actors.