Lara Atallah

  • Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico, Face to Facebook, 2011, digital prints, dimensions variable.
    picks July 10, 2015

    “Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society”

    “Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society” starts off with a peculiar Instagram account belonging to James Bridle, its square images displayed both on a tablet and as a streaming projection. Dronestagram, 2012–, chronicles Google Earth locations where, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drone attacks are taking place. Far from depicting the magnitude of the carnage on the ground, the aerial perspectives result in video-game-like imagery. The havoc, however, lies in some of the viewers’ “no filter” comments evincing a woeful ignorance of the matter.

    Noteworthy is Paulo Cirio

  • Ernst Fischer, Lead 3, 2014, archival pigment print, 56 1/2 x 86".
    picks February 08, 2015

    Ernst Fischer

    While Hito Steyerl defends the poor image, Ernst Fischer explores the other end of the spectrum, namely, what happens when you overwhelm a photograph with information? Here, the endeavor results in the creation of phantasmagoric landscapes reminiscent of Caspar David Friedrich or Francisco Goya. Titled “18%” after the middle gray to which all color film is calibrated, Fischer’s exhibition explores the digital sublime through elaborate technical maneuvers.

    For these works, the Swiss-born artist built a microphotographic rig that takes hundreds of close-ups of minerals and the light reflecting off