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    “EAVESDROPPING ON ONLINE DISCUSSIONS ABOUT digital and Net art, I always have a panic-attack feeling that the air has been sucked out of the room. Let's face it, a lot of this stuff is deeply sucky.” Strong words from self-styled tech maven Mark Dery, but the provocation mirrors a common enough skepticism when it comes to the marriage of art and digital technologies. As Saul Anton, Artforum's new website editor and the moderator of this roundtable, pointedly observes, such reserve is “inversely proportional to the exuberant embrace of all things digital in our culture at large.”

    Still, the ongoing

  • Lawrence Rinder

    JULIE CANIGLIA: How do you think the 2000 Biennial will come to be regarded in relation to others?

    LAWRENCE RINDER:. It’s more eclectic in form and spirit. We agreed from the start not to have a theme, for example—but I’m interested in seeing whether one emerges from the mix.

    JC:What would your ideal Biennial look like?*

    LR: Well, I like this Biennial! It might even look like this one.

    JC: Who were the lesser-known artists you championed?

    LR: This selection was generally made not by artist but by artwork. We tried to bring to the table specific works, and the artists sank or swam on that basis. If