Lea Vergine

  • Carol Rama. Photo: Pino Dell’Aquila.
    passages November 09, 2015

    Carol Rama (1918–2015)

    CAROL RAMA has left us at the age of ninety-seven. But in reality, she was already gone three years ago, of old age—an old age that was long and full of accolades. (It had been somewhat the same for Louise Bourgeois when she passed away in 2010.) The works in Rama’s career, which began in the late 1930s and continued until the present year, are grouped by themes: the sensual and scandalous watercolors that led people to view her as a loose cannon in the city of Casorati; the works tending toward abstraction during the “MAC” period (the Concrete Art Movement); the mixed-media works, with informel