Lindsay Pollock

  • Left: Judy Taubman with Sotheby’s Alfred Taubman. Right: Dealer Jack Kilgore. (All photos: Lindsay Pollock)
    diary March 22, 2010

    Gray Zone

    Maastricht, The Netherlands

    EACH GRAY MARCH, some 70,000 affluent, acquisitive souls converge on the quaint two-thousand-year-old Dutch city Maastricht. The draw is a twenty-three-year-old art and antiques pageant named TEFAF, which sounds like a medical condition but actually stands for The European Fine Art Fair. The most recent edition, which closed last Sunday, went on for eleven days. The event ended on a sour note, with a closing day jewel heist involving a sapphire ring and a diamond pendant worth $1.2 million from London jeweler Hancock. Still, that didn’t dampen the glitz factor. TEFAF is a big-budget affair:

  • Left: Artist Jeff Koons and collector François Pinault. Right: Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong.
    diary November 25, 2009

    Rain or Shine

    Abu Dhabi

    WOODEN SHIPPING CRATES lay baking in the hot Arabian sun last week as workers scrambled to finish the setup for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Art fair. Nearby, a twenty-foot-tall black, red, blue, and yellow Alexander Calder sculpture wafted in the humid air, flown in at a cost of one hundred thousand dollars for the occasion by PaceWildenstein gallery. The mighty Calder, tagged at forty-five million USD, held its own despite an incongruous temporary beachside setting, positioned behind the pink marble Emirates Palace hotel.

    I was among the ranks of the curious attending a new art fair in a region I