Lisa DeSimone

  • Left: Artist T. J. Wilcox with dealer Raffaella Cortese. Right: Dealer Francesca Minini with artist Lisa Oppenheim. (Except where noted, all photos: Mattia Volta)
    diary February 04, 2009

    Tagliata Tour


    UNDAUNTED BY A STRING of empty airports along the way, I was lured briefly back to Milano last Thursday to join an unlikely gathering of artists and others for a convivial evening celebrating the city’s enduring art scene. No fewer than seven galleries opened a spate of lively ambitious shows, adding to the offerings already on view at other venues across town and confirming Milan’s preeminence as the art capital east of the Alps.

    Immediately after landing, I headed for Lambrate to take the pulse of the galleries. At Massimo De Carlo, John Armleder staged an after-Christmas sale with funny-smart