Lisa Phillips

  • Marcia Tucker

    PEOPLE TOOK NOTICE of Marcia Tucker, and in the mid-1970s I was one of them. She was an inspiration—a brilliant curator and strong woman who had something to do and to say. At the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Marcia had become famous for her groundbreaking shows, having arrived in 1969 to co-organize the first exhibition devoted to process art in an American institution, “Anti-Illusion: Procedure/Materials,” before giving Bruce Nauman and Lee Krasner their solo museum debuts, and James Rosenquist and Joan Mitchell their first retrospectives. And then she became infamous for

  • The Whitney Biennial


    Doug Aitken

    Roman Anikushin and Bob Paris

    Michael Ashkin

    Robert Attanasio

    Burt Barr

    Zoe Beloff

    Douglas Blau

    Chris Burden

    Charles Burnett

    Louise Bourgeois

    Bureau of inverse Technology (BIT)

    Vija Celmins

    Abigail Child

    Francesco Clemente

    Bruce Conner

    Bryan Crockett

    Cultural Alchemy

    Philip-Lorca diCorcia

    Sam Easterson

    Wendy Ewald

    William Forsythe

    Leah Gilliam

    Michael Gitlin

    Felix Gonzalez-Torres

    Dan Graham

    David Hammons

    Ken Jacobs

    llya Kabakov

    Martin Kersels

    Annette Lawrence

    Iara Lee

    Zoe Leonard

    Sharon Lockhart

    Charles Long

    Kristin Lucas

    Kerry James Marshall

    Antonio Martorell

    Paul McCarthy

    Amanda Miller

    Paul D. Miller