Lisette May Monroe

  • Bernie Reid, The Red Puffer, 2023, spray paint on slip-resistant vinyl flooring.
    picks March 10, 2023

    Bernie Reid

    In “Ornamental Breakdown,” Bernie Reid’s first institutional exhibition in the United Kingdom, the Edinburgh-based artist has taken the stencils developed throughout his three-decade career and cut them up to create new compositions. The artist finds inspiration in the futurist Fortuno Depero, whose aesthetic has been a constant point of return when building the abstracted modernist bodies that populate Reid’s practice. Untitled (Rug), 2021, and The Red Puffer, 2023, are both spray-painted on slip-resistant flooring bolted directly to the walls with screws and washers. This unusual choice of

  • View of “Jesse Wine,” 2022–23. From left: 75 Heath Lane, 2022; 2 North Street, 2022. Photo: Patrick Jameson.

    Jesse Wine

    Jesse Wine’s recent solo exhibition “Both” was an apt reminder that, after the difficult past few years, we now need to rest and daydream in order to imagine other ways of living. The work felt robustly teenage in its melodrama. Wine uses traditional forms of sculpture to capture not the majesty of life but the point at which our bodies start to feel like they’re about to burst out of their boundaries. Among the sculptures on view were two wall pieces showing cross sections of houses and named after the addresses where Wine lived with his parents as he was growing up in Chester, UK. In 2 North

  • Norman Gilbert, Reclining Boy and Girl, 1971, oil on board, 48 x 30".
    picks January 09, 2023

    Norman Gilbert

    This survey exhibition spans the seventy-year career of Norman Gilbert (1926–2019). The Glasgow-based artist, who worked into his nineties, produced all his drawings and paintings in a studio situated within his family home, located only a few blocks from Tramway.

    Gilbert treated all his subjects—most frequently, his family, his friends, and the treasured objects that occupied his home—with the same vibrant flatness. He amplified moments of domestic intimacy; paintings show small children pouring tea, their fingers gripping a teapot, or couples lying next to each other, legs entangled. Lifting