Lou Ellingson

  • picks December 04, 2019

    Vera Kox

    For an exhibition that wields the materials of construction and mass production (plaster, silica gel, polyurethane foam) to more whimsical ends, it’s fitting that Vera Kox’s “footprints to fingertips” unfolds in a gallery called 22,48m2, a measurement both architectural and absurd.

    A bubble of happy accident envelopes each of these installations, all made within the past two years and most titled after the show itself. Upon entering, visitors find what could be a botched Slip ’N Slide: A blue insulation mat unravels, like a cartoon waterfall or a seamless photo-shoot backdrop, at the viewer’s

  • picks August 23, 2019

    Elisa Lendvay

    Hiding within Cone Hole Reach, 2019, a hand mirror trimmed with Barbie hot pink reflects nothing. The mirror is encased in the sculpture’s conical, concrete-gray base, whose tiny windows allow us an equally tiny glimpse of this charming yet functionless component. This thread of playful anarchy runs throughout “Rise,” Elisa Lendvay’s first solo exhibition here, an oddball gathering of characters seemingly plucked from dreams.

    Lendvay’s quasi-figurative sculptures don’t really reference the human form. Modestly sized works such as Red Net Thread, 2016—one of several pieces arranged on a square