Madeleine Schwartz

  • Firelei Báez, for Marie-Louise Coidavid, exiled, keeper of order, Anacaona, 2018, oil on canvas. Installation view, Akademie der Künste. Photo: Timo Ohler.

    The 10th Berlin Biennale

    THE TITLE of the Tenth Berlin Biennale, “We don’t need another hero,” came from a 1985 Tina Turner hit, but it also brings to mind a passage from Helen DeWitt’s 2000 novel, The Last Samurai: “What we needed was not a hero to worship but money. If we had money we could go anywhere. Give us the money and we would be the heroes.”

    The previous edition of the biennial, curated by the New York–based collective DIS, received criticism for its slick, high-gloss provocations. Many saw little more than smug nihilism, a cynical attitude smacking of privilege. So, for the latest edition, the biennial wisely

  • View of “A Portrait of a Generation,” 2012.
    picks July 17, 2012

    “A Portrait of a Generation”

    “A Portrait of a Generation” displays over one hundred and fifty portraits of artists by artists, the majority whom are currently practicing in New York. Each participant was paired with another and instructed to create an image of his or her respective partner; the resulting works are hung salon style across the walls of the gallery, effectively compelling the viewer to search for the corresponding works based on the visual dialogue the artists’ relationships occasioned. The exhibition hence explores the intimacy that results from creative partnership.

    Often, the coupled artists collaborated,