Mariairis Flores

  • picks November 13, 2020

    Felipe Rivas San Martín

    Homosexuality was decriminalized in Chile 1999, around the same time that the concept of “sexual diversity” entered the national consciousness. For thirteen years, LGBTQIA+ artist and activist Felipe Rivas San Martín has produced a body of work critical of the idea that certain sexualities are “deviant.” Curated by Antonio Urrutia Luxoro, “Estatutos de la disidencia” (Statutes of Dissidence), revisits more than a decade of Rivas San Martín’s production against the debate between liberal appeals for tolerance and “sexual diversity” and a radical politics of “sexual dissidence.”  

    In Hegemony,

  • “Pensar todo de nuevo”

    The proliferation of online viewing rooms and live streaming since the global spread of Covid-19 has challenged us to rethink the time and space of the exhibition. Launched in May but in development since before the pandemic was known to have reached Argentina in March, “Pensar todo de nuevo” (Rethink Everything) became Rolf Art’s first show “conceived for an online format” (albeit with a physical version due to have opened by press time). The online presentation counteracts the limitations of screen-based exhibition formats by focusing on image-based works that translate effectively into the