Mariko Munro

  • Simone Forti, Flag in the Water, 2015, digital video, color, sound, 19 minutes 46 seconds.
    picks December 08, 2015

    Simone Forti

    Titled “On An Iron Post” after a line she selected at random from a poem by William Carlos Williams, Simone Forti’s latest exhibition surveys over fifty years of her work and includes drawing, sculpture, and video. Forti’s penchant for collaboration features prominently throughout, with nearly half of the works exhibited crediting friends, colleagues, even technicians. For instance, Charlemagne Palestine notably contributed music for her ensemble dance composition Touch in 1989, and Forti’s solo dance Stone Face at Cascade Falls, 1993, was made for her former teacher Anna Halprin’s series “I am

  • View of “Sultry Spells Rapture,” 2015.
    picks October 02, 2015

    John McAllister

    Inspired by its creator’s recent trip to Japan, a large-scale, freestanding painted screen (or byobu) embraces the decorative nature of John McAllister’s work by joining canvases to form an ornamental centerpiece. On one side, a flat interior scene stretches across all six panels—a suave living room with a slender table, vase of shapely flowers, two paintings, and lounging cat. Opulent oils in rose, cerise, and carnation pink dominate the composition, offset by the colors of the depicted paintings—a landscape with muddy olive foliage, a sea-foam stream, and cerulean sky; a coral and peach-hued