Mario Codognato

  • Alberto Di Fabio

    With alchemical skill, Alberto Di Fabio’s first solo exhibition synthesized chromatic, sensual expressionism and the didactic images of introductory handbooks on minerals. The high walls of the gallery were covered with large sheets of colored paper that saturated the organic with color, practically injecting throbs of pulsating life into an aspect of creation traditionally considered inert.

    The artist seemed to want to contradict peremptorily the definition of “life” as something distinct from the mineral realm. A dialectic was created between the weight and stasis of rock and the potential

  • Giacinto Cerone

    With broad summarizing capability, the vast collection of Giacinto Cerone’s plaster and ceramic pieces reconciled all the intrinsic qualities of three-dimensional expression: the dialogue between solid and void, concave and convex, weight and balance, mimesis and abstraction. Cerone’s anxious spontaneity, his crude and seductive attention to the potential of material revealed the process used, the energy employed, the modifications carried out: all the primordial activity of shaping, manipulating, constructing, and destroying.

    In this show Cerone seemed to have a great desire to review the tactics