Mark Francis

  • Ian Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer

    Yves Abrioux, Ian Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer (Edinburgh: Reaktion Books, 12 Dublin Street, Edinburgh EH1 3PP, 1985), 248 pages, over 370 illustrations, 65 in full color, 19 in two-color.

    Although Ian Hamilton Finlay was 60 last year, his work is only now becoming well-known outside a relatively restricted group of admirers. This book brings together for the first time, in a kind of anthology, a great number of his printed cards and booklets, published over a 25-year period. It also includes photographs, many in color, of his ongoing work, a garden with Garden Temples in Lanarkshire, Scotland


    BILL WOODROW’S ARCHIVAL SYSTEM, meticulously filed and constantly updated, records (at the time of this writing) 135 works made since 1978. In the last two years Woodrow has had 14 one-person shows, and participated in over twenty group exhibitions. All this has been achieved without assistants or the resources of a large studio, and indeed with the economy of tools characteristic of the working methods of certain artists in these times. Since the early ’70s such artists as Daniel Buren, Sol LeWit, and Tony Cragg have been able to work around the world with an idea of the world which has