Marshall Blonsky

  • Joe Sarno, The Dismemberer

    I APPROACH THE BOX OFFICE, eager. I have noted things in Vibrations. I wish to see it again. I seek to confirm. I look up. Shame Shame Everybody Knows Her Name is on the marquee—along with The Sex Object. What happened to Vibrations? It was only night before last that I saw it.

    I am talking to the manager . . . wanted to see it . . . was supposed to run a week, no?

    Well, yes, but sometimes . . . exceptional circumstances . . . withdrawn last night.

    Uhm uhm . . . is it possible to—

    And he is smiling.

    —to . . . well, like rent it?

    Not from them, they shipped it back this morning . . . “Joe Sarno.” “I