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    Once upon a time in Paris, there was a short-lived meeting place in the form of a journal called Tiqqun, which, in two volumes, published anonymous philosophical writings that combined resonances of Agamben, Benjamin, Foucault, Heidegger, and Schmitt. Then there was no more Tiqqun, or Tiqqun went on hiatus. Its dissolution, according to rumors, had something to do with 9/11 and disagreements over the way to proceed in its wake. Sometime after this, an anonymous video,

  • Marta Kuzma


    1 Enrico David (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) Reflecting on the tireless efforts by artists of late to merge art with the historical traditions of theater in all too often disharmonious and disingenuous combinations of Beckett, Brecht, and Cage, David’s recent exhibition, which was divided into three acts—“Corrupt and Crooked,” “Molten Brown Nylon,” and “Ultra Paste”—provided poetic justice. Motivated by a kind of unmediated pleasure principle, the artist transposed his obsession with treating “people as objects” and his abject perversions like “rubbing himself